BLACK HORIZON The documentary Film investigating the oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico


S T E F A N I E   V O I G T
President & CEO of aquamotion film & tv production (aquamotion)
about: Stefanie Voigt
demos: REELS

aquamotion film & tv production, Stefanie Voigt is a professional documentary producer, director, camera woman underwater and on land, underwater stunt talent as well as on-camera host since more than 20 years.

Specializing in almost every aspect of underwater and marine related productions around the world, Stefanie was one of the first women to work professionally in the field of underwater media.
As PADI Scuba Instructor, underwater stunt/talent, documentary producer, director, DOP (Director of Photography), actress, host and underwater camera, security and technical diver (Rebreather, Nitrox), journalist and stunt-woman (Charlie's Angels, Columbia Tristar, stunt with sharks), Stefanie gathered knowledge and experience from almost all fields in production, while she also produced documentaries about Micronesia as well as an exclusive 50min. extreme Sports Documentary Special: "SHADED BLUE" about the Freediving World Champion Pipin Ferreras, The Deepest Man on Earth.

Working with renowned underwater cinematographers like Pete Romano and underwater photographers like Stephen Frink and Barry Kulick, she also assisted during the HDTV production "On a Single Breath - The Extreme Sport of Freediving" with Tanya Streeter as host (ASL Productions, Inc. & 24fps Productions, Inc.). Stefanie worked with celebrities like Marriah Carey (MTV VMA Music Awards), Gloria Estefan, Christie Brinkley, Veronika Varenkova, MTV, as well as with Discovery Channel, Animal Planet and many others.

Today, Stefanie is leading Award Winning camera and production teams, managing crews as marine coordinator and topside production manager, produces her own projects while shooting under water and topside for mainly marine related media projects.
Clients incl.:
Animal Planet, AirSeaLand Productions, Inc., AUDI, BASLER, BR TV, Bureau Veritas, Cinemat, Columbia Tri-Star, Crescent Moon Studios, Discovery, Emilio Estefan, GRB Entertainment, Hydroflex Inc., MAN Motors, MARES, MTV VMAs, NOAA, Pro 7 TV, Sony BMG, Stern Magazine, SUN TV, Telemundo, Univision, Vogue Man, VOX TV/Germany and many more.


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